A Self-introduction by Lee Reeves

     As a brief introduction I will just say I have been a Blacksmith and Farrier all of my working life.  I have had my shop in Shattuck, Oklahoma for the past 25 years.
     As an avid archer I enjoy the deer and turkey hunting available in our area and I look forward to an occasional trip to the Rockies for Elk hunting and camping.  Participation in these activities gives me an opportunity to test cutlery designed for the outdoorsman.
     I hope that the pictures and descriptions on this website give you an idea of the style that I work in.  The knives and Axes pictured on these pages are the designs that I make most often, but knives are made in endless varieties and I will work with you to make yours one of a kind.
     I forge my blades.  It is an efficient method of shaping steel and when done properly, I believe, the forging process produces a superior blade.  I use high carbon tool steel (L6,52100) for my blades.  Properly forged and heat treated tool steel makes a tough blade that will take and hold a very keen edge.  I like to use natural materials for the handles on my knives and axes but I don't mind using manmade material when appropriate.
       The scope of my work runs from Paring knives to Bowies, from Farrier's knives to Tomahawks.

I guarantee my workmanship for life (my life of course).  Payment is due upon completion.

                                   Thank you for your interest in my work,
                                                                 Lee Reeves
 Lee currently has no shows scheduled