by Sam Sidders
"Two Dimensioal Art"
The subjects and styles of Sam's two-dimensional work can best be described as "Varied".   He has laughingly said that he is, "confused and has yet to find his direction".  His three children, who are all fans of different styles of his work, tease him about having multiple personalities when it comes to his art.
Sam  categorizes his two-dimensional work into the following 3 basic groups:
This group includes:   People, Landscapes, Cars, Trucks,
 Trains, Flowers and much more!

Sam enjoys painting and drawing things and places that he is familiar
 with or has visited.   He also enjoys doing portraits and
figure studies that are inspired by people that he has known.

This group includes  the "whimsical" side of Sam's art. The
subjects for this style range from fantasy studies of nonexistent
times or places to surrealistic  situations that can only be
found in Sam's mind.
Sam likes to practice his composition skills by working with absolutely no subject mater, using only shapes and color.  He refers to this as:
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